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Our dentist and team use composite dental fillings here at Carmel Distinctive Dental to give your teeth a more natural appearance when caring for cavities. These are made from safe materials and work to restore the decayed portion of your problem tooth so you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile again. Call us today at 317-844-9344 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jillian Joyce and learn more about composite dental fillings in Carmel, Indiana.

Our dentist and team are happy to use composite, or tooth-colored, dental fillings, as opposed to the traditional silver amalgam fillings. Composite dental fillings offer a more natural-looking result and can help you achieve improved oral health. Some of the benefits of composite dental fillings are:

  • Support for your tooth’s structural integrity
  • Reduced risk of future breaking or fracturing in the affected tooth
  • Insulation from temperature changes caused by foods and beverages
  • Increased resistance to decay and leaks, due to improved seals
  • Flexibility to correct cavities that are too small for amalgam fillings to repair
  • Easy filling repairment and replacement without being removed from the tooth
  • Safer dental fillings with no mercury or other metals used

Our dentist will determine a filling that matches your natural tooth color so you can have a more beautiful and healthy smile in a single appointment. Contact our team today to learn more about composite dental fillings and schedule your next appointment.

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