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Our dentist and team use dental crowns to keep your cracked tooth from falling apart. These are made from safe materials and work to re-strengthen your damaged tooth, so you can enjoy life with ease again. Call us today at 317-844-9344 to meet with Dr. Jillian Joyce here at Carmel Distinctive Dental and learn more about dental crowns in Carmel, Indiana.

A dental crown, or cap, is a restoration used for several purposes. One of the most common uses of a dental crown is to restore a significantly damaged or decayed tooth. This custom-made crown fits over the entire tooth, starting at the gumline, restoring the tooth to its original shape and size. Dental crowns can be made of gold, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain is usually the material of choice because it can be matched to the natural appearance and color of your teeth. Our dentist will help you determine which type of dental crown is right for your smile.

Your smile may benefit from a crown if a tooth is damaged or decayed to the point that it will not be repaired by a dental filling. Crowns are also utilized for several other restorative and aesthetic purposes, including:

  • Protecting a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Anchoring and attaching a dental bridge
  • Covering and completing a dental implant
  • Enhancing the appearance of your smile
  • Fixing a misshapen tooth
  • Strengthening a fractured or weak tooth
  • Supporting a large filling there is little natural tooth structure

We invite you to contact us today to see whether a dental crown is right for you and your smile.

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